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Sold Exclusively through
Licensed Veterinarians!

“I ordered and got my pet's products delivered right to my door!”

Mrs. Stephanie Morgan, Miami, FL

From the
Anm Pharm Community



  • Thank you for making such a wonderful treat for our pet. We have a black lab who will be turning 17 in August. His name is Rookie and Wonderbars has made giving him his daily pills so easy, he looks forward to his treat each day. Thank you, Animal Pharmaceuticals for contributing to Rookie's long happy life! -Gary Florida

Make it a good life

Keep your pet looking great!

You can choose from an array of animal skin care products, supplements, medicated flushes, conditioners, wipes, medicated sprays and general ear cleansing-drying solution products.

Keep him “flea free”

with CM2 Flea and Tick Shampoo, our soap-free deep cleaning and deodorizing shampoo for parasite control. You’ve tried the others, now say goodbye to fleas, ticks and lice! Smells like cucumber melon?

Keep her in the prime of good health

with a fun and tasty family of dietary supplements your pets will be eager to take.