Pharmaseb Products

The Animal Pharmaceuticals Pharmaseb product line is ideal for treatment of a wide variety of
fungal and bacterial skin infections, dermatitis and minor skin irritation in dogs, cats and horses. The
biggest advantage of Pharmaseb products is that they are versatile – specially formulated to tackle
a wide spectrum of fungal and microbial infections, with a balanced attack of the active ingredients
Chloroxylenol and Ketoconazole.

All Pharmaseb products are made with our exclusive Pharmasome Technology, delivering the active
ingredients more deeply into the animal’s skin, with longer-lasting release.

Versatile ingredients, Flexible delivery

In addition to the versatility of the active ingredients, Pharmaseb products have a versatile range of
options for delivery methods: shampoo, flush, spray and wipes. Wherever an animal’s skin condition
exists, whether the skin condition is caused by bacteria or fungus, Pharmaseb has the right blend of
ingredients and a flexible offering of delivery systems to treat the problem and relieve the animal’s

Pet owners love the convenience of Pharmaseb because they can always find the right level of
treatment to suit each pet’s specific condition.

About the Pharmaseb Active Ingredients

Chloroxylenol: Also known as PCMX, Chloroxylenol has been used for over 50 years of proven
effectiveness as an antimicrobial disinfectant ingredient, both in the United States and Europe.
Chloroxylenol has demonstrated efficacy against bacteria (both Gram-negative and Gram-positive), a
variety of fungal organisms, and against RNA and DNA viruses.

Ketoconazole: This active ingredient is a treatment for fungal infections in dogs. It is used most
commonly against canine yeast infections but can be effective against a wide variety of fungal infections
which often show symptoms such as itchy skin, unpleasant skin odor, hair loss, swollen glands, or discharge from the animal’s eyes.

Pharmaseb Shampoo

Help heal animal skin infections with this anti-fungal and anti-bacterial shampoo, with a special formula to moisturize your animal’s skin and reduce odor… Learn MoreDownload MSDS Sheet

Pharmaseb Flush

This product offers a milder formula of active ingredients to clean and treat the surface of your animal’s skin, while also fighting odor … Learn More Download MSDS Sheet

Pharmaseb Spray

Treat local or larger areas of skin infection with this anti-fungal and anti-bacterial spray… Learn More Download MSDS Sheet

Pharmaseb Wipes

Simply “wipe away” your pet’s skin irritation with these mild, water-based medicated wipes that do not sting or burn … Learn More Download MSDS Sheet